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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  July 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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aggravated sexual assault. this is the second judge in the cosby trial, ruling there is enough evidence in the case to try the comedian. now, bill cosby was in the courtroom today as the decision was handed down. his attorneys argued that all the evidence presented against cosby is hearsay, and the statement made by the accuser by police read into the court record by a detective. and he has a right to face his accuser andrea constand in court and to cross examine her, but the judge rule there had was enough evidence at the preliminary hearing for cosby to stand trial. and at the trial constand will take the stand and answer questions then. here is what both sides said
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after leaving the courthouse. >> today someone who gave so much to so many had his constitutional rights trampled once again. >> we'll move forward and try to bring justice in the case. justice was delayed too long and if i was able to i would pick a jury on this case tomorrow and move it forward. >> the prosecution was relying on a ruling preventing victims from being retraumatized. and ruled that putting constand on the stand she could be intimidated and pushed forward not to move forward with the actual trial. no date is set yet in norristown. wendy saltzman channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. it was yet another day of high heat and humidity in the delaware valley, some used towels and some used umbrellas, folks were trying to do what they could to get a break from the summer scorcher outside.
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the excessive heat warning remains in place through tomorrow. >> we have team coverage for this afternoon and ali gorman will have more on the warnings from doctors for the heat and staying safe. lets go live to cecily tynan live at the big board. >> we are halfway through the heat wave, day two and counting, yesterday's high is 95 and today so far 94 degrees, the normal high is 97 degrees, with the high due points some areas it feels hotter than that. the heat index shows that dover currently it feels like 102 degrees and that is dangerously hot and feels like 97 degrees at the atlantic city airport and the heat index in philadelphia dropped to 95 and we were at 99 earlier today. excuse me -- stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that there was a piece of energy that moved through a short wave and this is really moved up to the north, we did have some showers and thunderstorms in central new
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jersey, that is now pushing off the coast and we'll have to wait for an approaching cold front tomorrow afternoon and evening to bring us more widespread activity. that means the excessive heat warning continues through 6:00 tomorrow, along the i-95 corridor, this is where the heat indexes are the highest, near 100 degrees, a good idea if you can go up to the poconos or head to the shore, this will be a lot more comfortable with heat indexes in the low to mid-90s, i'm tracking the end of the heat wave, i'll let you know when coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> all right cecily thank you, our coverage continues with health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman, and you spoke to a doctor on how to stay safe in this hot weather. >> and sharrie, in is something that has to be taken seriously. every year people die due to heat related injuries. that does not mean you can't get outside and enjoy the outside
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like many people are doing today at the art museum but you do have to be smart about it. >> as the sun beats down and temperatures soar,mentsy of tourists were still out and about in the city. >> my son lives here and we are out seeing the sights around the streets of philly. >> most were taking precautions, finding refuge in the shade and drinking lots of water. for this group from mississippi, they are used to hot and humid. >> this feels like home now. >> david from main line health says that taking precautions is vital. signs of heat exhaustion include pro fuse sweating and fatigue and dizziness, if this happens -- >> fluids fluids fluids and get into the air conditioning as well. >> if it escalates to heat
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stroke, sweat willing stop and skin feels hot and dry and confusion sets in. call 911. the doctor says the young and old are most at risk. and that is especially true for seniors who take certain medications such as a dieretic or blood pressure pills. >> as for exercise -- >> exercising in this weather is extremely bad, you don't want to be out during the high times when the heat is bad and humid. >> go early in the day or late. or hit the gym and for everyone limit your time outside. the ladies from mississippi know the drill to stay safe in the heat. >> air condition -- >> ha, ha, ha. >> we must have air condition, i don't know how our parents survived. >> they have got the right idea with the air condition. just a reminder, if you have elderly neighbors go check on them and make sure they are staying cool, and make sure they have air condition and getting
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somewhere that has air condition, if they don't and they need fans, make sure they use them with their windows open. ali gorman, channel 6 "action news." >> all right great advice thank you. community advocates and clergy will march in center city in less than a half hour to condemn the killings of two black men by police officers. last night philando castille was shot outside of minneapolis. his girlfriend who broadcast the aftermath on facebook live says he did not get medical help for more than 10 minutes, that came one day after a deadly police involved shooting in louisiana. alton sterling was killed during an altercation by two police officers in baton rouge, and both have sparked outrage across the country, we'll have more on the investigations and the fallout at 5:30. in washington, fbi director james comey faces tough
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questions on capitol hill today over the agencies investigation into hillary clinton's emails, comey said the agency tried hard to make a criminal case against clinton but ultimately concluded there was none and that she was quote, extremely careless to use an unsecured server to send emails but comey determined she did no do it with criminal intent and some members of the oversight committee does not agree. >> because she was not acting in criminal intent. >> i read criminal intent you allow someone without a security clearance access to classified information. everybody knows that director, everybody knows that. >> several republicans when on to suggest there was a double standard for accusing people of crimes as opposed to high level people like hillary clinton.
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senator ted cruz says he will speak at the republican national convention this month. cruz's announcements comes the same day as donald trump met with republicans on capitol hill. and tomorrow hillary clinton will make a campaign swing through pennsylvania. that includes the stop in philadelphia, which is hard at work preparing for the democratic national convention. today we learned more about security plans surrounding the big event. "action news" and sara bloomquist has the details for us. what did you learn today? >> reporter: well sharrie this won't be papal visit part two, think more relaxed and less restricted. all the restrictions will be around the sports complex and fdr park. that is where protesters will be directed. the commissioner addressed that, the department's response will be fluid. >> south philadelphia and the streets surrounding the sports
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complex that is where traffic restrictions will be in place during the democratic national convention. from monday july 25th, to thursday july 28th, road closures start in that area the day brrks from packer avenue to the north and the naval yard to the south. unlike the papal visit all major highways remain open to passenger vehicles although there will be restrictions on commercial vehicles and the broad street exit ramps to i-95 will be closed. this is a city used to protesters, they will allow the protests to go on peacefully. >> we are fluid with dealing with protester and demonstrators for the last 18 months or so and relatively confident in how we do that. we know that these things will happen and we'll take them as we come. that is the bottom line but we are not prepared to say any solid fashion this will happen
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or this won't happen, that is not what we want to do. >> now, the commissioner said there will be security fencing around fdr park and the delegates will be able to see and hear what is going on there. only people credentialed ahead of time can access the area directly around the wells fargo center and they will go through security there as well. you'll find much more information including a list of restricted items on our website at i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report. thursday night. >> lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> the 95 ramps will be closed and we'll deal with that. it's a vehicle fire we are dealing with and great progress since last i spoke with you. now the fire here in the northbound lanes north of 420 is out and the ladder truck just pulled away as sara was talking
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still have the right lane blocked not terrible but slow at the blue route s a crash on the roosevelt boulevard extension by ridge avenue but it's off to the side. attracting a little attention and slowing off the schuylkill expressway. and we see extra slowing across the walt whitman bridge, and some people are heading down the shore for the weekend. getting a jump on that this afternoon. in glassboro a house fire closing 3 22 by park village and cross keys road is an alternate. and on a bunch of the regional rails, west trenton and paoli and landsdale lines. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" tonight. that includes the short-term deal struck between uber and the city of philadelphia. plus, a beer garden controversy in delaware, the brewing battle over a liquor license for one of wilmington's
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from our new jersey newsroom, the death of a woman found in her burlington county home yesterday has been ruled a homicide. she lives on the 100 block of
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nassau road in lumberton. we are told that o'rourke worked at a local printing company and was a local pet sitter. the details have not been released and no one is arrested. katherine knox the woman found guilty of an attack on a gay couple. is asking for early release. that could be as early as tomorrow. last month, knot requested early release based on earned time and good behavior but she was denied. uber struck a deal with philadelphia to operate legally until september 30th, they say the settlement was prompted by the recent description by the septa rail service and the
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democratic convention. they have operated since 2012 without the required approval from the state legislature. a pop-up beer garden recently opened in wilmington and not everyone is happy about it, a hear willing be held tonight to determine if constitution yards will be given a permanent liquor license from the office of alcoholic beverage controls. it's located on south justinton street and next to rental properties, noise is a major concern for the residents that live there. >> there are many spots along the river front you can have this beer garden, this thing is surrounded by three sided by brick buildings, the sound bounces back and forth with nothing to absorb it. >> the constitution yards operating with a temporary liquor license. the hear is tonight. coming up the results of a
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new study of the effect of flu shots during pregnancy. and a former president celebrated a milestone, for jimmy carter and his family.
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health check tonight, experts say that the flu vaccine given to women may only offer protection for infants for shortly after birth. protection from the flu fell dramatically eight weeks after birth. former first couple, jimmy and rosalind carter marked their 70th wedding anniversary today. they married in plains, georgia in 1946 celebrated at home. the key is mutual respect and giving each other plenty of space. the jimmy carter museum marked the occasion with 70 cent admission today. flights from the united states to cuba could begin as early as this fall. they gave tentative approval to eight airlines for 10 total routes from the u.s. capital.
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none of the flights originate in philadelphia. however, front ier airlines -- brisk ticket sales pushed tomorrow's mega millions to $540 million. the last time someone hit was back in march that means tomorrow's drawing is the 35th since anyone won. maybe 35 days, the longest rollover stretch in the game's history. you can see the numbers number night on "action news" after accuweather. lets head outside, sky 6 hd giving us a live look at atlantic city and definitely people on the beach in the water. >> getting the ocean breeze. >> meteorologist, cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather forecast when we come back.
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist, cecily tynan has the look of relief at the end of the road but still a couple of days of heat and humidity. >> exactly. the good news is we only have two more days, the bad news is, we have two more days. with you we are halfway through. stormtracker 6 live double scan taking a look at the center city
5:25 pm
skyline and there are a few clouds rolling in and that is kind of helping with the temperatures helping to drop temperatures a little bit. right now 92 degrees in philadelphia, the dew point is 67 degrees, it's very humid and you can feel the moisture in the air and winds from the west at 9 miles per hour. the heat index is 95 and the ocean temperature that is pretty refreshing currently 67 degrees, the way it feels, the heat index. 95 in philadelphia and the same in millville and 95 in trenton and feels like 102 in dover and feels like 97 degrees at the atlantic city airport. and the heat will continue and the humidity through tomorrow and things get better through saturday and much relief through sunday. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that short wave, the piece of energy i am tracking jogged farther to the north, we had isolated downpours across central new jersey and they have moved off the coast, tonight partly cloudy and most
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areas are rain free and it's muggy and warm. the overnight low is 78 in philadelphia and 78 in cape may. 71 in allentown un74 in wilmington. future tracker showing the heat index tomorrow afternoon right back near 100 degrees in philadelphia and by 2:30 in the afternoon it will be cooler along the shore and up in the poconos, a good idea to head there if you can. and late in the day we are expecting thunderstorms. 3:00 in the afternoon what is known as a prefrontal trough, some thunderstorms ahead of a cold front will approach from the west and things get active at 6:00 with the line moving through the i-95 corridor and lasting later into the evening especially areas to the north could have isolated thunderstorms by about 9:30, and heavy downpours, the get away forecast showing down the shore, a mixture of clouds and sunshine and 87 degrees, and evening thunderstorms, and philadelphia 95 and feeling like 100, with
5:27 pm
late day storms and the poconos warm with afternoon thunderstorms and a high of 84 degrees, the five-day at 5:00, the heat and humidity returns tomorrow, not quite as brutal and 92. and the heat wave is over 86 degrees and monday and tuesday the temperatures in the upper 80s. you know sometimes the heat and humidity can dampen your appetite. that is not the case for meteorologist, melissa magee, man you never looked better. >> reporter: i am eating brisket cecily and talking about all things barbecue because we are gearing up for the new jersey state barbecue championship. this is mikey o's he has brisket and ribs be the cooking commandos here and jack is representing jack's down home barbecue, it's a competition and we'll have the all important
5:28 pm
shore forecast and the humidity will finally break and we'll let you know when. guys we'll send it back inside to you. >> these ribs are the real deal. >> it looks like that. she gets paid to taste that stuff. >> she does. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us tonight and in the news, two black men shot and kills by police nearly 48 hours apart and has outraged the country and the president says he is deeply disturbed. >> hours after the most recent shooting in minnesota was captured on video by his girlfriend. >> did it so the world knows the police are not hear to protect and serve us, they are here to assassinate us, to kill us because we are black. >> it's a war against african-american people. as a whole. >> the shooting in minnesota comes one day after the justice department launched an investigation into a deadly police shooting in baton rouge,
5:31 pm
louisiana, the video shows alton sterling being pinned to the ground and shot and killed. >> elizabeth herr is in new york with the details. >> reporter: a black man in minnesota is dead after reportedly being pulled over for a broken taillight and while the investigation is continuing, just moments ago the governor there told reporter he thinks that man would be alive today if he were white. tensions boiling over. >> this is not black anger this is black grief. the governor getting an earful from an angry and frustrated community. >> people are dying i am tired. >> emotions running high following the fatal police shooting of 32-year-old philando castille. his girlfriend in the car with his young daughter. >> you told him to get his i.d.,
5:32 pm
his driver's license. live streaming the after imagine on facebook. >> nothing in his body language says kill me i want to be dead. >> turning to the justice department just a day after the same request was granted for this police shooting in louisiana. police in baton rouge responding to a disturbance call of a man brandishing a gunshoting and killing alton sterling. >> i will not rest, and not allow him to be swept in the dirt. >> back in minnesota the governor apologizing to castille's girlfriend doing little to calm the crowd. >> can't tell you how sorry i am. for you and your family. >> i don't want you to be sorry, i want you to be more careful. >> we want justice! >> and we are learning this evening for now the case in minnesota will be handled by state investigators but federal
5:33 pm
prosecutors say they are assessing the situation. >> all right elizabeth thank you. even though the shootings took place thousands of miles away, they are hitting close to local communities. this is a live look from chop 6 at the philadelphia convention center as protesters gather to march down broad street in center city philadelphia. ame church leaders and activists are condemning the shootings and calling for action, we'll have a live report on the march and demonstration happening in philadelphia as well. coverage of these controversial shootings will continue on world news tonight with david muir, you can watch that following channel 6 "action news" at 6:00. >> we have breaking news tonight, from the city's fishtown section, philadelphia's rescue crews are searching the delaware river after reporting a person going under water and not coming back up.
5:34 pm
the call came in just before 5:00 near the 2400 block of beach street in the fishtown section of the city. the search continues along the delaware tonight. from our delaware newsroom now, police in newark released new video of an attempted abduction, the surveillance video of the main towers housing development possibly shows the suspect. according to investigators, a man grabs a woman early monday morning on main street and another woman was grabbed at the nearby colonial gardens, both women were able to get away. police in north philadelphia have charged a teenager with aggravated assault for allegedly shooting a teenage girl in the chest. the 17-year-old was playing with a gun when it suddenly went off inside of the a home on the 5600 block of lloyd street. at last check the 14-year-old victim was in stable condition.
5:35 pm
from our new jersey newsroom the coast guard is investigating the death of a recruit that collapsed during training in cape may. darren red chanced after completing a mile and a half run as part of a physical fitness assessment on friday. coast guard medical personnel rendered first aid and red was rushed to the cape may medical center for treatment. they said that red was healthy. >> all of our recruits are screened in a military processing station and again here at training center by our own medical personnel to determine whether they meet the criteria forearms forces and the coast guard in particular. we can say with certainty that red did. >> his classmates will hold a memorial service in his honor. mayor jim kenney joined council members to start an
5:36 pm
increased efforts to collect back taxes. >> this is not about grandmom getting behind in her taxes, we are going after folks that just basically thumb their nose at us who live if other cities and have a large number of properties and don't pay their taxes. >> they will sell off old debts to third parties and the money collected will help fund the pensions in the city. it is that time again to see what is going on down at the shore this weekend. >> lots going on actually and melissa magee is live in north wildwood tonight and she is dancing because she is getting ready to eat. all of us do that don't we. >> that is right. i gave my secret away, i do my happy dance when i see something good to eat and oh i'm happy because it's about the new jersey state barbecue championship and blues festival.
5:37 pm
mikey oh's is making is brisket and we are cooking up the barbecue and lathering on the barbecue sauce. in the meantime check out what else is going on down at the shore this weekend. >> reporter: they will be getting creative in wildwood crest on saturday, during the sand exult sculpting festival. they will be molded on the beach near heather road and the beach pier. >> if you want some air conditioned entertainment, head to atlantic city for music and comedy. four time grammy winner pat ben tar will rock the tropicana, and funny man, bob saget will take the stage at 9:00. and celebrate all things bacon in tucker ton saturday and
5:38 pm
sunday, there will be food trucks and restaurants and a bacon eating competition. hope to see you this weekend down at the shore. all right so the new jersey state barbecue championship goes from this friday through sunday. a huge competition going on for 18 years. we have six teams participating and a bit of a taste test, jack's barbecue and brisket and cooking commando's baby back ribs, tell us how you score jack's i got a 10. oh we have a 10. now mikey o's how are the briskets? 10's across the board. >> and cooking commandos, what have we got? 10! check this out ted allen our audio engineer is a honey bear
5:39 pm
and participating in the competition, these ribs are no joke. yeah jack it makes you want to say it like that. we'll have more coming up with the shore forecast coming up in a little bit. >> you will want to make your way down there in a bit. >> i would like to be a judge. may i? may i be a judge? >> certainly. now she is teasing. wow. >> we want to go out the door and eat now. matt pellman is in the "action news" traffic center, that was just mean. >> that was a little mean and so is this. 95 the work zone acting up again and we are judging it and judging it harshly, a crash in the southbound direction in the work zone by cotman after few, they got it pushed off to the side but a slow go from academy to this point at cotman, nearby in may fair, ryan avenue is closed until 9:30, expect septa bus detours because of the night
5:40 pm
market. a vehicle broke on on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound by norristown, left lane is out of commission, speeds like 12 miles per hour coming away from valley forge and it's slow with people trying to head down to the shore, and we are seeing northbound slowing approaching 295, because of a crash on the ramp, southbound is okay and northbound in millville and 55 watch for an accident there too in the left lane. rick and sharrie back over to you. more to come on "action news" this evening, a popular fast food chain, putting thousands of customers at risk details on who may be a victim and find out what caused this bridge to partially collapse causing a deadly crash. >> we are halfway through the heat wave. also, in sports jaime apody has the latest on the phillies and wimbledon. when "action news" continues. okay, ready?
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a crash caused a deadly bridge to collapse just west of houston, texas. this all happened this morning. investigators say that part of the overpass fell on top of a vehicle after a disposal truck boom hit the overpass. a 12-year-old girl died when the bridge crushed the car she was traveling in and another child was able to get out safely and the mother was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. police are still investigating. jammy is here with sports the red alcohol phillies. >> their roller coast ser climbing and not ready for a free fall yet because this is fun. franco not an all start but playing like one lately. he hit a home run in four of their last seven in which the phils have won six. >> i am listening and doing my
5:45 pm
routine and like i said i tell you before, i feel better. >> it's good for him to get some hits and he is confident and when his confidence going off everybody wants to be like mike. >> you want to be like mike? of course. the flyers newest draft picks do some team bonding, many are 18 and 19 years old even a 17-year-old in the mix. they had the camp and here is what he is hoping to get out of this week. >> just all the little things to be a pro. eventually work on your game and have speakers and what not and it's truly what it's meant to be we'll look back at our day, and we are drafted and showed up at
5:46 pm
training camp and didn't have a clue. >> one guy that should get a look at possibly making the roster is ivan. >> will wimbledon have the sister act for the finals. serena williams making it easy work and the match took a whopping 48 minutes, that is not long. serena looks to tie stephy graph's record winning her 22nd title. standing in her way will not be her sister, she stopped her quest once before. venus beaten today. big sis has to watch from the stands. >> totally, i wanted to win. what are you going to do, you stip up and do the best you can. i ran into a better player, so
5:47 pm
next time. >> they are still in it in the doubles tournament though. >> philadelphia union is surprising a lot of people, they are hosting d.c. united on saturday. and sebastian le toux may be able to return from a concussion. >> want to be the team betner both boxes coming more with a victory on the day. the eastern conference games are big and at home we have been good and excited for the challenge this weekend. that d.c. united will present and i think our guys will be up for it. >> catch the match here union and d.c. united saturday at 7:00 on channel 6. it will be hot out there probably. >> it will but it will be exciting. >> yes. the full accuweather forecast is coming up next. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet.
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5:51 pm
fraudulent activity. restaurants in pennsylvania and new jersey were affected. >> and our weather certainly has not been anything but frosty. but we are halfway through the heat wave and there is light at the end of the tunnel. stormtracker 6 live double scan -- showing that the downpours we had across northern ocean county about an hour ago have left the region so no rain to provide any relief from the heat. today's high 94 degrees, the normal high for this time of year 87, nowhere near the record of 103. and a morning low of 75. hear is the heat index. feels like 95 in philadelphia, trenton and millville, feels like 97 at the atlantic city airport and the highest heat index, dover where it feels like 102 degrees, definitely dangerously hot and humid out
5:52 pm
there, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the system that will bring the end of the heat wave say cold front west of minneapolis that moves through on saturday and if you look ahead of that system. it's what is known as the prefrontal trough, activity is ahead of it, rolling through late in the day tomorrow. so the excessive heat warning continues until 6:00 friday evening for the i-95 metro area, this is where the heat index approaches 100 degrees tomorrow. future tracker 6 showing around 3:00 we'll see scattered activity especially west of lancaster county and across the poconos, this really moves through at 6:00 along the i-95 corridor and this could complicate your friday evening and even into friday later at night we'll see localized activity especially north of philadelphia, the problem when you get storms like this with the high humidity, any storms could contain tropical downpours
5:53 pm
and have localized flash flooding and potential for strong gusty winds and dangerous lightning, if you are at the pool with the kids and hear the rumble of thunder get to shelter immediately. this is a good place to be down the shore. melissa magee you were stuffing your face with brisket about a half hour ago what do you do after that? you cool off. >> you put one foot in and one foot out. you have to shake it all about and cool off as well. it feels so good in the ocean, the ocean temperature in the middle to upper 60s at this hour. we'll show you the forecast through the weekend, still warm and humid on friday, a high temperature of 87 degrees, some thunderstorms are likely at the shore late friday night but most of the day just a mix of sun and clouds and warm and humid. saturday it's human with a thunderstorm popping up late in the day once the cold front
5:54 pm
sweeps on through and a high temperature of 88 degrees and sunday finally you start to notice the difference, it's less humid and temperature coming in at 86 degrees. everybody is hiding but they are having a lot of fun, we have mia, wave mia. and her folks are on the beach, doing what they can to beat the heat and humidity. hopefully we see you down at the shore this weekend. >> that is the place to be. >> the paddle board. what's up? the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast first of all the poconos if you head there it's warm tomorrow and afternoon thunderstorms, 84, and saturday isolated thunderstorm and 80 and sunday that cool breeze up in the mountains with a high of 73. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast the heat is on tomorrow 95 degrees and late day thunderstorms and still hot on saturday 92 with another
5:55 pm
round of thunderstorms and then the heat wave is over on sunday, breezy and less humid and cooler and 86, we keep the temperatures in the 80s through tuesday and then the heat returns on wednesday 90 degrees and thursday hot and humid with a high of 92. i know rick you are probably waiting to mow your lawn, sunday would be the perfect day. >> sunday. okay i'll let the wife know. sunday. quick break.
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right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. protesters are gathering in philadelphia right now and plan to march in memory of two black men recently killed at the hands of law enforcement. and bill cosby is back in montgomery county in the courtroom today and the judge ruled on the motion that forced his accuser to testify before trial. and they laid out road closures
5:58 pm
and restrictions for when the n dnc comes to philadelphia later this month. for the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams have a nice evening.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is about to get underway in center city philadelphia, and people are gathering at the pennsylvania convention center, from where they will begin a
6:00 pm
march, a protest march around the city. to protest deadly shootings of two black men by white police officers. this in response to the shooting tuesday night of alton sterling in baton rouge, louisiana and then we awoke this morning to find out that 32-year-old philando castille was shot and killed yesterday while sitting next to his girlfriend in their car in falcon heights, minnesota. the girlfriend broadcast the entire episode live on facebook while her 4-year-old daughter sat in the backseat. and the investigation into what happened before the actually shootings are ongoing in both cases. gray hall is live at the pennsylvania convention center where the philadelphia protest will soon begin. gray what is the story there. >> reporter: well jim, we can tell you that the crowds have showed up, they are inside of the c


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